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Aodaoin O’Floinn Hathaway is blessed to work as an open and intuitive channel for Source energywork, and has trained in a variety of modalities, including Reiki, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapy, and Young Living Essential Oils.

Energy therapy is an ancient art of healing, and has existed for thousands of years. It can take many forms. It’s simply a matter of finding which modality works best for you. Many people find an energy session to be both deeply relaxing and immensely helpful in addressing physical, emotional and karmic issues. It can help to clear old traumas or patterns of behavior, and can also help you to joyfully embrace your own potential and to see your own path more clearly and consciously.

Here at Solas Light Work, we believe in the dignity and honor of all beings, and that no species is superior to another. We believe in the inherent ability of all beings to heal themselves. We believe that we all hold the power within us to make this world a better place, simply by working on ourselves, and walking our path with love, gratitude, courage, awareness, and respect. We believe in the power of light and love for all. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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Contact: Aodaoin O'Floinn Hathaway, 908-583-0479,

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